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Invitation to the Fire

by Abigail Spinner McBride

The Fire is our sacred work and play, cleverly disguised as a party... An invitation to the Fire, from the Spirit of the Flame to the moth who's fluttering nearby, enchanted, dis-tract-ed, drawn toward the Light. I say, "Burn up. Turn those tiny wings to ashes and die to your old self. Be re-born in Fire, re-born in Light, like the phoenix, rising. Come into me, all the way, unafraid, unblinking, and unflinching. Learn the lessons I have to teach, of transformation, of shedding, of ashes and of Light. Learn how to consume with grace, and how to harness the power of terrifying beauty." An invitation to transform, to trance-form, to be re-born. A welcoming to release that which stands in the way of becoming your own highest vision. A door opening. A new possibility bursting into being-ness. The shells burn away, the past becomes ashen. The only moment that matters is Now, eternally, divinely, exquisitely Now. Being with the Fire, being near the Fire, becoming the Fire. Burning away what's in the way to make way for the new. May we all dance in the ashes, and fly with the sparks....