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Planets - their Metals & Archetypes

Over the years of observing our fire circle rituals we have noticed a pattern that naturally develops. This pattern is a mirror of our solar system, and our dance is a recreation of the great cosmic dance of life. The fire is a symbol for the Sun at the center of our Uni-verse. Outward from the Sun, the planets dance in elliptical orbits. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun; at our fire circle, the Mercurial dancers are the ones dancing closest to the fire, or tending the fire. Just beyond the orbit of Mercury is Venus. This second orbit of the fire circle is often where the sensuous and ecstatic dance takes place. Beyond Venus is Earth. At our fire circles this represents the rattle track, where the Earth dancers move in a slower orbit.

Just beyond Earth is Mars. At the fire circle, this is symbolized by the ring of standing people, who, like Mars, protect and fortify, and add their energy to those within the circle. Beyond Mars is Jupiter. At the fire circle this is a free movement zone, where people blend and move together in freestyle dance. Beyond Jupiter is Saturn. At the fire circle this planet is represented by the people sitting and resting. Beyond the orbit of Saturn are the planets Neptune and Pluto. At the fire circle these are the outlying areas where food and drink can be had. On the outside of the fire circle perimeter is the "comet's trail," a path for walking meditation for those who wish to stay engaged and involved in the fire circle, yet seek some solitude or time for meditation. By careful observation of this great cosmic dance we can become more aware of the different elements and archetypes that are interacting in the vessel.

Saturn: Lead/Calcination --"Heavy" energy. Power that needs purification, survival work, fight or flight response. Heating up, burning up, turning to ash, confusion, doubt, rigidity, fear, shame, avoidance, death.

Jupiter: Tin/Dissolution -- Malleable metal. Blending, flowing, balancing energy. Dissolving, purifying, sweat, letting go, inner voice, inner vision, remembrance, soften, melt, beginnerís mind.

Mars: Iron/Separation -- Strong and martial, warrior energy, protecting. Choice, cutting away, release, accepting difference, being different, taking action, taking risks, healthy defense, leaving the familiar, discernment, rising above.

Venus: Copper/Conjunction -- Dynamic and volatile, sensuality/sexuality. Creation of the lesser stone, coming together, joining, union, loving, balance of opposites, merging of above and below, integration, connection, communion, collaboration.

Mercury: Quicksilver/Fermentation -- Orbits closest to the sun, a gas that rises and falls. Mediator and messenger. Rot, decompose, refine, peacockís tail, practice, speak your truth, grow, evolve, deepen, patience.

Luna-Moon: Silver/Distillation -- There are many moons that orbit the planets. This priest/ess energy nurtures the circle and facilitates growth on personal levels for the participants. Separate the subtle from the gross, harvest, polish, purify, concentrate, simplify, choose, transcend, integrity, prophecy.

Sol-Sun: Gold/Coagulation -- Attainment. Wisdom. Self-realization. Often seen in the elders as they guide the energy of the circle. Gold, synchronicity, sunrise, crystallize, embody, radiate, quintessence, return to earth, coming together, completion, satisfaction.