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The Elements

Air -- Eagle. The element of Air symbolizes the power of breath and all things expansive. This includes chanting and poetic offerings, invocations, songs, stories, and breathwork. Excess air or "chatter" can disburse energy. If there is too much hectic energy, retreat for awhile and clear the picture. Take a break from the energy, breathe deeply and exhale negativity. This can help to re-focus your thoughts. Walk away from the fire circle to get the eagle's view, the big picture.

Fire -- Salamander. The element of Fire symbolizes the dynamic aspects of our ritual. Elements of Fire include drumming, dancing, energy work, sexual alchemy, breathing and tantra dance, purification through the flame. It is suggested that drummers playing similar sized instruments stand close to each other, so they can hear each other, placing the djuns and other large bass drums near the center of the drummers "V." Like an alchemist, keep an even feed to the fire. After an energy crescendo, we keep rattling to maintain the fire's energy, until something happens -- a prayer, a song, a poem, etc. Then we support whatever happens next... The only exception is holy silence. We keep an even flame and remain aware to vent out and shift energy when needed. Preparing fire wood, feeding the fire, checking on torches are all ways to be of service.

Water -- Mermaid. The element of Water symbolizes the nurturing and healing aspects of the ritual. We honor each other's expressions of emotions and allow ourselves the full range of our feelings. We support the flow of the evening by taking turns watering drummers and dancers, monitoring the energetics of the circle, and witnessing. Appropriate emotion can cleanse and heal and wash away impurities. The element of water helps us to hold the container, to flow into empty spaces, to find our fluidity, our flexibility, and deepen our intuition.

Earth -- Lion. The element of Earth symbolizes power and stability. In the fire circle ritual, this refers to the physical set up of the space and the preparation of ritual tools, including fire wood, benches, sage, incense, decorations, water buckets, sand, fire extinguisher, fire permit posted, first aid kit, fire blanket, food altar preparation and care, feeding participants, trash cans, litter patrol etc. The element of Earth helps us to move or ground the energy we create.

Spirit -- Quintessence. The fifth element that symbolizes the wisdom of the group mind. This will influence the solution and interaction of the elements and the outcome of the work. Divine inspiration, invocation, ecstatic trance and dance. To fully experience the alchemy of the fire, work all the aspects -- spend time drumming, dancing, chanting, smudging, feeding, watering, and tending the fire. Intuition and intelligence are one. Conscious and unconscious work together.