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Fire Circle Resources

Sites that will help enhance your fire circle experience.

Essential Elements of a Sacred Arts Circle
Community is the goal.
Art, practice, and relationship provide the way.
There is no audience, there is no performer. There is only our circle of expression and exploration woven together without plan or schedule, according to the ebb and flow of inspiration and relationship.

Active Listening: Musical Samples
Theis guide introduces key musical selections that illustrate interesting technical and cultural concepts while also sharing great grooves.

Chant Archive
This page is the archive that contains all the chants that have been on the Pagan Chants Of The Month Page. Learn a new chant!

Chant Sheet Music
An online resource of Pagan Chants in Sheet Music form, as downloadable .pdf files, plus a lyrics document of more than 100 chants.

Fire Circle Rap
by William J Thorpe on the Bardo Brothers web site.
This is fun, funny, and fire circle informative!

Fire Circle: Or Why You Deserve An Ordeal
by Joshua Levin

Fire Tribe Chants Yahoo Group
A place to share lyrics and MP3's of chants useful at Tribe Gatherings.

Musings on a Way of the Drum
by Joshua Levin
Thoughts about drumming from a percussionist whose explorations have included study, teaching, recording, performance, ritual, and sacred circles, in regions as diverse as Honduras, Mongolia, Nepal, and the United States.

The Tree the Drum and the River
by Joshua Levin
The following word dance describes the harvest and the toil of a drummer's deep play in the microcosm of the community drum circle.

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