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What's Happening?

Wed, May 25th - Sun, May 29th

Greetings to the new friends, fans and family of the Vegas Vortex!

The next Vegas Vortex event is MYSTERIUM, our annual weekend of Alchemy, Magic, Music and more.... This gathering will be taking place from February 5-7, 2016, and happens at the House of Mystery in Las Vegas. Special guest presenters include:

Anodea Judith-

Ian Corrigan & Liafal-


Anne Key-

with topics ranging from Chakras: Wheels of Light, to Celtic Magic & Healing, to Learning to Love Your Body & Yourself.... We hope to see you there!

Join us for this amazing weekend and feel the pull of the Vegas Vortex!!

To go straight to registration, please click the link under What's Happening above.

To learn more about our events, such as MYSTERIUM (in February), MAYFIRE (in May), or FALL FEST (in October), go to Events to read all about them!

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